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Straight Talk, Solid Work

At Unique Metal Fabrication, Inc., we don't rely on fancy words. We value handshakes and honesty. If we say we'll do it, we will. If we can't, we'll be upfront about it. This simple, straight-up approach has been our way for decades.

We’re proud to say our structural steel fabricating plant is AISC certified. With a solid team, the right machinery, and a focus on getting the job done right, we save our customers time and money by delivering solid work on schedule. Check out our projects and our story to see what really matters.

This is Where Craftsmanship
Meets Precision

From structural steel to industrial ladders to high-quality production components for some of the nation’s top manufacturers, UMFI is known for our versatility and expertise. We're committed to great service, we stick to strict standards, and our Kansas location makes us an unbeatable partner for projects big or small. See why the best in the business trust us for their projects.